Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
Waltzing with the Elephant has been universally praised by business leaders, IT leaders and academics.  This is what they say...
Information Technology is the Elephant in the Room for too many business leaders.  Successful use of IT at acceptable cost demands that these leaders go beyond merely recognising the elephant.  They must get up close and personal with it.  They must develop a new and elegant partnership.

They must waltz with the elephant!
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>  CIO Magazine's Matt Rodgers interviews Mark Toomey

I have read your book and is very good. Clear, easy to read and with clear ideas what means for a organization to implement ISO 38500. José D. Carrillo Verdún, Profesor Titular de Universidad, Facultad de Informática Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Waltzing with the Elephant

This landmark book by Infonomics Principal Mark Toomey explores, in plain language, the need for organisations to effectively govern their use of information technology.  Building from the notion that governance of information technology is integral to governing the organisation, Waltzing with the Elephant explains how business leaders can engage on their terms, in their language, and exert effective control through a comprehensive, fully integrated system for governance and management that parallels the systems used to govern other assets and resources. 

Launch Speech by Christina Gillies:
Waltzing with the Elephant: it brings to mind many pictures doesn’t it?   I’m sure there are many board members and business executives who feel they are being trampled by the elephant when they are dealing with IT –  imagine if you really could really be in tune with IT and waltz with it rather than wonder what in God’s name is going to go wrong next. 
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Review by Julie Garland-McLellan:
time to time every board will have to make a decision on a topic that none of the individual directors knows much about.  These decisions are stressful; no director likes to be totally reliant upon management or consultants.  There is often insufficient time for a proper education process and, apart from getting alternative quotes and seeking information about how comparable companies are dealing with the issue, directors often take the line of least resistance and accept management’s recommendation. >> Read more

Review by Keith Frampton:
Waltzing with the Elephant! This evocative phrase is the title of the first book that I have seen that explains what IT governance is, why it matters, who is responsible and how you can pragmatically implement appropriate Technology for Information Technology governance.  The book is refreshingly free from jargon and is directly applicable and valuable to any organisation that uses or is impacted by information technology whether they are multi-national companies with hundreds of thousands of staff, government departments, small businesses, or community groups staffed by a few committed volunteers. >> Read more

Review by Fiona Balfour:
“Waltzing with the Elephant” is a great and wonderful read!! And, read from cover to cover, front to back –you see the logic rolling out in front of you. That logic is soundly based on the premise that business demand drives technology investment so thus the business itself should be exercising appropriate Governance. This demand-side based logic is a significant contribution to understanding the accountabilities and thus provides insight to this perspective on IT Governance. >> Read more

Blog commentary by John Thorp:
If you’re an executive with control over your company’s information technology purse strings, you probably don’t want to read a book this detailed in the intricacies of IT, which is exactly the reason that you should.” >> Read more

Comment by Janet Williams:
Wow -- just finished Waltzing with the Elephant. It's dense. Thick. Where other books about IT are like a thin broth, Waltzing with the Elephant is a goulash of information about IT Governance. It's clear that decades of knowledge and skill went into writing this book. Worth it alone just for the amazing horror stories, if this book doesn't change top level business board members', directors', and C-level managers' attitudes about who is really responsible for what's been going down in IT when projects fail -- nothing will.  Janet Williams, founder of Practical Performance Programmes at

Comment by Basil Wood:
This book resonates with me. The book is deep with insight into ISO 38500 and the principles of enterprise/corporate governance of IT. >> Read more