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Toomey comments online

18 December 2008

Thanks to the support of others who are keenly interested in our core message of better corporate governance of IT, Infonomics is pleased to announce two online downloads of Mark Toomey's thoughts on Corporate Governance of IT.

ASL/BiSL Conference, Netherlands, 9 December. 

1:17 video clip on YouTube

Corporate governance of IT - for all organizations, large or small

4 page story on iTWire

32 min MP3 podcast on iTWire

The Infonomics Letter Nov 2008

30 November 2008

The November issue looks at planning IT in tough economic times.  Mark Toomey explains how the ISO/IEC 38500 model for governance of IT can be used to guide the difficult decisions, and a complementary article from Paul Williams, on behalf of the IT Governance Institute, looking at “Driving Business Value from Investment in IT”.

See more on the Newsletter page, or download the PDF immediately.

International Working Group

20 November 2008

A special edition of the Infonomics Governance Letter published today focuses on the announcement by Standards Australia of an International Working Group established by ISO and IEC Joint Technical Committee to be responsible for standards relating to Corporate Governance of Information Technology.

Briefing Slides

20 November 2008

Slides used in recent briefings are now available for download.  See the Events page for details.

The Infonomics Letter

1 November 2008

Infonomics published the second edition in the new series of The Infonomics Letter.  See the Newsletter page for details.

29/30 October 2008. Governance of IT in Korea. 

Infonomics founder Mark Toomey was a guest of ISACA Korea, to deliver a keynote address on ISO 38500 and Corporate Governance of IT to a broad audience of IT specialists, auditors, enterprise architects and senior academics.  A further private briefing was provided for the National Information Agency.  Reaction to the sessions makes it clear that Korea is very interested in ensuring that as a nation is is making effective and efficient use of IT.  Korea is a strong proponent of Enterprise Architecture as a tool for ensuring that the use of IT is well planned, efficient and effective.  The high interest in ISO 38500 suggests that the international standard will become a very effective complement to help ensure that the broad governance arrangements are in place, maximising the value of the EA work done so far.

Content from other invited speakers also made it clear that a strong approach to Enterprise Architecture, underpinned by strong top executive engagement is providing significant advantage for government in Singapore, and for the US Department of Health.

16 October 2008 Gershon Review Released

Australia's federal government today released the Review of the Australian Government's Use of Information and Communication Technology, prepared by UK expert, Sir Peter Gershon.  The report is available at:

This profound report confirms that top level governance of IT in the Australian federal government has been weak, and makes several quite specific recommendations for improved governance as a precursor to, and enabler of improved performance in other aspects of planning, implementing, operating and realising the value of IT investment.

In stating that governance has been weak, Sir Peter explicitly uses the definition provided in AS8015 and ISO 38500, confirming that the world-leading Australian Standard is relevant for Australian government agencies.  The guidance inherent in AS8015/ISO38500 is highly relevant to adoption of the Gershon's  Recommendation 5.1 - "Strengthen pan-government governance".  Recommendation 5.2 - Strengthen Agency Governance explicitly mentions AS8015as one of several available guides that should be integrated to support improved governance.

Infonomics will provide a detailed review of the Gershon report and recommendations in October's edition of "The Infonomics Letter on Governance of IT".

The Gershon review makes it clear that Australia's government and its agencies needs to learn a great deal about how to effectively govern its use of IT from the top of each organisation and across government as a whole.  It puts considerable emphasis on the need for that governance to address the issues of business outcomes and benefits realisation.  It also recommends undertakings that will require significant development of new models and capabilities for governance.


30 September 2008.The Infonomics Letter Returns

Infonomics is delighted to announce that the Infonomics Letter (previously The Infonomics IT Governance Letter) is once again being published.  See the Newsletter page for details.

ISO 38500 Masterclasses Announced

September 2008

Responding to strong market interest, Infonomics in conjunction with various partners has launched a program of masterclasses to help business leaders and IT professionals understand and apply the new international standard.

Read here for more details

September 2008 Toomey chairs Standards Committee

Following the decision of Dr Ed Lewis to step down, Infonomics Managing Director Mark Toomey has accepted the appointment as chair of Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-030, which develops world leading standards and guidance in the field of Governance and Management of Information Technology.

August 2008 itSMF Canberra

As part of a busy week involving a masterclass, a workshop and a CIO breakfast, Mark Toomey also delivered a one hour case study on practical use of ISO 38500 for an extremely interested audience.  Read here for more detail.

June 2008 ISO/IEC 38500 On Sale.

As expected, the new standard crossed the final threshold early in June 2008, and can now be purchased from the ISO online shop.

Learn about ISO/IEC 38500.

May 2008 First Mover Seminar

bITa-Center organised the world's first formal seminar on ISO/IEC 38500 at Schiphol, Amsterdam, on May 26, 2008.  Seventy people from six nations across Europe heard about Governance of IT and the standard from:

  • Prof. Chris Verhoef of the Free University Amsterdam

  • Alison Holt, who chaired the ISO team that is responsible for ISO/IEC 38500

  • Infonomics principal Mark Toomey

Audience interest was strong, with many questions and much discussion throughout the session.  Thanks are due to Jan van Bon and Herman van Bolhuis, who had faith in the new standard and organised the seminar at short notice.

Enjoy our short photographic record of the event.