Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors

Mark Toomey advises business and technology leaders on corporate governance of information technology, and the use of ISO/IEC 38500.

He is a strident campaigner for improved governance of IT as a key enabler of success for IT investments and risk reduction for IT operations.

Mark is available to assist any organisation, anywhere in the world.

Mark Toomey travels extensively throughout Australia and the world, working on development and communication of standards and related guidance, to help all manner of organizations do a better job of governing their use of IT.


This page provides a progressive view of Mark's travel plans.  By following links from this page, you will be able to locate events at which Mark will be present, either as a speaker or as a participant.




24/5/6 February 2014: Perth.  ISO 38500 Foundation class on Feb 24/5, EdXN Briefing Feb 25, Private meetings Feb 26.


3/4/5 March 2014: Canberra.  ISO 38500 Foundation class on March 3/4, EdXN Briefing March 4.


5/6/7 March 2014: Adelaide.  ISO 38500 Foundation class on March 6/7, EdXN Briefing March 5.


13 March 2014: Sydney, Standards Australia forum on IT Governance.


14 March 2014: Melbourne.  The Next Big Thing Conference, facilitating a panel discussion on Digital Leadership at 2:00 pm.


17/18 March 2014: Brisbane.  ISO 38500 Foundation class on March 17/18, EdXN Briefing March 18.


19 March 2014: Toowoomba.  EdXN Briefing March 19.


26 March 2014: Melbourne.  Atronics Melbourne Business Software Expo, speaking on Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership at 9:00.


26/27/28 March 2014: Hobart.  EdXN Briefing March 26, ISO 38500 Foundation class on March 27/28.


31 March 1 April 2014: Sydney.  ISO 38500 Foundation class on March 31/ April 1, EdXN Briefing April 1.


April 2/3/4 2014: Melbourne.  EdXN Briefing April 2,  ISO 38500 Foundation class on April 3/4.

Mark Toomey