Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
Problems with IT need not occur.
Success with IT requires diligent effort
We help you take control
Imagine a world where organisations invest in IT with absolute confidence, knowing that the results they desire will become reality, without surprises.

Imagine a world where business  operations are never disrupted by problems with IT systems.

Infonomics believes that the world we describe at left is not merely a dream. 


We Imagine a world where all organisations achieve the dream through effective arrangements for governing their use of Information Technology!


We believe, passionately, that Information technology can and should be reliable and successful.

We know that this ideal does not come without continued effort and diligence - and that is fundamentally what Corporate Governance of Information Technology is all about.

We help organisations of all types, to ensure that they have effective Corporate Governance of Information Technology, through which they make effective, efficient and acceptable use of IT.


Infonomics services are organised in three distinctive sets.

Infonomics Inform
services promote broad understanding of what IT Governance is about, why it is important and how organisations can develop their capabilities.

Infonomics Assess services help organisations understand exactly what their situation is at a point in time.  Rigorous diagnostic instruments are used to compare an organisation with recognisable good practice and identify gaps.

Infonomics Improve services help individuals and organisations be more effective in governance of IT.

Infonomics is developing new services.  Please check here regularly to learn how we are expanding our reach.