Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
There are many frameworks available to guide IT specialists in setting up their management systems, and there are many products available to help organisations take control of their IT activities.

These frameworks and tools are often labelled "IT Governance" - but in most cases, they are really focused on management tasks, and while very useful, do not necessarily ensure that their users have an effective system of governance.

Corporate Governance of Information Technology provides a comprehensive discussion of the topic, in language that is designed for directors and top executives, so that they and their IT supply team can have a common understanding of the topic and their organization's approach. 
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ISO/IEC 38500 defines corporate governance of information technology at a high level that suits the needs of company directors and top executives.

Because the standard is designed to be universally applicable, it cannot contain any detailed instruction on how organizations can adopt the standard.

In this major new book, everybody interested in effective, efficient and acceptable use of information technology, in effective governance of IT, and everybody who simply wants to get good results from IT while avoiding the pitfalls, will find the information that they need to guide their efforts in adopting the standard.

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This book is also available in Spanish.

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The Director's IT Compass

First published in July 2001, The Director's IT Compass has found its way to the desktops and briefcases of almost two thousand directors, executives and IT specialists.

Expanded and revised in 2006, the second edition provides an expanded introduction to the need for and base concepts of top level governance of IT.  With an overview of AS8015, the original standard for Corporate Governance of IT, and a twelve point self-assessment, the book provides a useful primer for those who cannot wait for the new book.

And with a further forty-eight incisive questions for directors to ask, The Director's IT Compass continues as a valuable tool for checking that your organization's IT is under control.

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