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●Conforms with Australia's National Privacy principles



At all times, Infonomics, its personnel and its agents will comply with the requirements of Australia’s National Privacy Principles.

We recognise that we have an obligation to collect only personal information that is required to enable us to conduct our business, to protect that information and ensure that it is accurate.

NPP 1: Collection

We collect basic contact information including name, address, email and telephone details and job roles about our customers, our employees and associates and people we meet in a business context, so that we can maintain contact and provide information about our services and expertise, and so that we can conduct our normal business activities.

In the course of a business engagement, we also collect personal information including opinions which we require in order to complete the obligations of our engagement.

Infonomics collects personal information through:

  • Personal exchange of business cards and related details;

  • Normal business correspondence, including email;

  • Referrals from customers and business associates;

  • Nomination of customer personnel in the course of a business engagement;

  • In the course of a business engagement, through responses to questionnaires and other information gathering techniques.

NPP 2: Use and disclosure

We use basic contact information only for the purposes of making and maintaining contact with individuals by mail, electronic mail and telephone, in the course of marketing and delivering our business services.  We include required information and opt-out facilities with all marketing related materials.

We do not disclose personal information about individuals except:

  • In the course of a business engagement, we may pass information to our associates and agents who are required to have access to the personal information for the purposes of carrying out the business engagement

  • In presenting the results of a business engagement, when the individual has given express consent to the relevant personal information being disclosed, by way of written or electronic authorisation.

 NPP 3: Data quality

Personal information other than contact information is used only in the context of the business engagement, and not subsequently reused.  Whenever we become aware that contact information is outdated, we adjust our records accordingly, or mark the contact as being out of date and not to be used.


NPP 4. Data security

We maintain basic contact information in standard computer systems and use standard security techniques to protect it from access and misuse.

Personal information collected in the course of a business engagement is retained indefinitely for the purposes of maintaining transparency and auditability of engagement results.

NPP 5: Openness

This privacy policy is always available from the Infonomics web site.

NPP 6: Access and correction

We always confirm for individuals whether or not hold personal information about an individual, and we provide the individual with access to the information on request by the individual.  We always permit incorrect information to be corrected, but we do not permit opinions expressed to be revised unless there is clear evidence that can be maintained on record to conform that the change in opinion is appropriate.

NPP 7: Identifiers

Where necessary in the course of a business engagement, we assign identifiers to individuals in the interests of protecting their confidentiality.  These identifiers have no meaning other than in the context in which they are used.  Whenever we use such an identifier, we notify the individual in writing of the exact identifier used.

NPP 8: Anonymity

We guarantee anonymity to each individual who provides information in the context of a business engagement, unless the individual expressly waives the right to anonymity.

NPP 9: Trans-border data flows

Infonomics does not transfer personal information about an individual to any organisation or individual who is in a foreign country except when required in the course of a legitimate business engagement and then only in circumstances where the individual has expressly waived the right to anonymity.

NPP 10: Sensitive information

Infonomics does not collect sensitive information about any individual other than that individual’s opinions and supporting statements relating to a situation being reviewed by Infonomics.

Further Information

For further information about Infonomics privacy policy, or to raise any matters in relation to personal information which Infonomics may be holding, please contact us:

  • By mail at 19 Stratford Square, Wantirna, Vic 3152

  • By telephone or fax at +61-3-9801 1237

  • By email at