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Infonomics Accredited Professionals
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Mark Toomey
Building a new market from scratch demands commitment and tenacity.

In 1998, nobody talked about  Governance of IT.

Early market views of IT Governance focused on the supply side.

Mark Toomey recognised that the market was  skewed, and committed himself to building recognition that the demand side of IT Governance is also critical.

ISO/IEC 38500 puts demand and supply "on the table" and opens the door for Infonomics to expand

Since its inception in 1996, Infonomics has operated principally as a single-person company, and has been virtually synonymous with its founder and Managing Director, Mark Toomey.


From time to time, when appropriate to the needs of its clients, Infonomics has engaged experienced professionals to assist in its consulting activities.


This approach has minimised overheads, and has allowed mark to invest heavily in ongoing development of the Australian and International standards for Corporate Governance of Information Technology.


As market interest grows, Infonomics is consolidating arrangements with an exclusive cadre of professionals who will deliver Infonomics advice and expertise to customers in Australia and around the world.


Key attributes of an Infonomics Accredited Professional include:

  • a passionate belief in the value of effective Corporate Governance of IT

  • extensive practical experience in either the demand side (business use) or the supply side (projects and operation) of IT as an integral part of business

  • highly developed skills in consulting and business change, particularly in respect of corporate culture

  • ability to engage effectively with people across a broad spectrum of roles, from corporate boards to front-line personnel, across all scales of organisation and covering both business and IT specialists

Revisit this page periodically to see how Infonomics is expanding its depth and reach.