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Spreading the message about Corporate Governance of Information Technology.

Partnering with individuals and companies around the world.

New partnering opportunities coming soon.
Infonomics works with diverse organisations to build comprehensive understanding of both demand and supply aspects of Corporate Governance of IT.

Our partners include:
BusinessNext works with its clients to help them visualise "tomorrow's business", plan how to get there, and manage the change.

Infonomics is proud to have a long standing relationship with Chris Ogden, principal of BusinessNext, and to support his efforts to help Boards of companies lose the fear of IT and become able, as a team, to really drive the IT agenda in their organisations.   

BSI British Standards continued its tradition of leadership by being one of the first national standards bodies to adopt ISO/IEC 38500 as a national standard.  Infonomics is proud to support BSI British Standards in its efforts to build market awareness of the standard, through participation in its London IT Governance Conference on 20/21 May 2009.


Following release of ISO/IEC 38500, Infonomics is building new partnerships.
Our future partners are individuals and organisations who will deliver Infonomics services to their local customers, throughout the world.

Forthcoming announcements on this page will advise the criteria and processes through which individuals and organisations can become accredited members of the Infonomics International Network.