Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  

Governance and Management of Information Technology

International Survey

10 February - 13 20 March 2010

 The survey is now closed.  It will take a while to analyse the results. Details of how to obtain results will be posted here in due course.  Many thanks to those who contributed their thoughts.

ISO/IEC 38500 is the international standard for governance of information technology.  It provides guidance to those ultimately responsible for governance of all organisations, and for those who advise them, on evaluating, directing and monitoring their organisation’s use of IT.

Infonomics principal, Mark Toomey, is part of a team responsible for developing a business plan to guide the international working group responsible* for ISO/IEC 38500.  Clearly, development of international standards takes into account the market need and requirement for standards, and thus Infonomics has committed to researching the market, to build a comprehensive understanding of the market need and requirement.

The research comprises four related but independent surveys.  You may choose to complete any combination of the four.  Each survey should take between 20 and 25 minutes to complete – perhaps a little longer if you choose to make extensive supporting comments.  You may take each survey at a different time, but each survey must be completed in a single session.

The surveys are open until 6 March 2010.  On completion, the responses will be analysed and a report compiled.  This report will be made available to those who participated in the surveys, and will be used as input to the plans for further work on international standards and related documents, for governance of information technology.  The analysis will also contribute to the ongoing work of Infonomics, including conference papers and other work intended to inform and guide all individuals responsible for their organisation's use of information technology.

Launch Survey 1: Overall status of and agenda for governance of IT in all organizations.

Launch Survey 2: Status and performance of management systems used in control of IT.

Launch Survey 3: Market demand for guidance and resources to improve governance of IT.

Launch Survey 4: Small Business view - a condensed, targeted version of the above three.

Before launching the surveys, please see the guidance note below.

An important feature of this survey is that it aims to understand a wide range of viewpoints on governance of IT – those of directors, executives, managers and consultants.  The opening question asks each participant to specify the viewpoint from which he or she is responding.  Recognising that in the international arena, local customs and legal arrangements result in different interpretations of these roles, we ask that respondents position their viewpoint according to the model at right. Note: in the diagram, NED is a Non-Executive Director.

Invitations for this survey are being distributed globally, through a range of organisations that participate in development of international standards and other guidance on governance of information technology. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

Director/Management Roles - Click to enlarge 

*International Working Group: Responsibility for development of international standards and related guidance on governance of information technology rests with a special working group (WG6) of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC1) of ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).  WG6 was formed by resolution of JTC1 in November 2008, and conducted its first meeting in London in May 2009.  WG6 membership includes representatives and experts from a significant number of national standards organisations, together with representatives of major international organisations with active interest in improving governance of IT.

Use of data and privacy:  This survey is developed and sponsored by Infonomics Pty Ltd, an Australian company providing services globally to help all organisations ensure that their arrangements for governance of IT are effective and efficient.

In addition to contributing aggregated statistical results from this survey to the planning process for the international working group on governance of IT, Infonomics will also use the data collected to support its own ongoing analysis of practices, behaviours and outcomes in respect of how organizations direct and control their use of IT.  This research will guide Infonomics product development, and results will be used in forthcoming conference papers, reports and other literature. 

Infonomics is very aware of the importance of privacy.  The personal information collected in this survey is limited to that required for communication of the survey results back to participants, and that required for demographic analysis of the results.  Infonomics will de-identify all data by removing names and email addresses prior to statistical analysis and reporting.  Infonomics reserves the right to sell analysis of the data and to sell compilations and extracts of the raw data, and in doing so will ensure that no personal or identifying information is released to any third party. 

Survey participants should note that the initial data collection, storage and analysis is provided by an independent third party, and protection of personal and identifying information is also subject to its privacy policy.  See Constant Contact Privacy Guarantee.

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