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ISO 38500 Education
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This page provides an overview of the seminar products that Infonomics has developed in its efforts to build broad knowledge and understanding of the concepts incorporate governance of Information Technology.

ISO 38500 Education

Infonomics has been explaining ISO 38500 and its predecessor, AS 8015, to diverse audiences such as the top level governing board and executive management teams of major corporations, government ministers and senior bureaucrats, business and IT managers, consultants and other change agents, since January 2005.

We ran the world's first ISO 38500 Masterclass in London in November 2008.  Since then we've run dozens of classes and helped hundreds to understand the simple but powerful messages in ISO 38500, and equipped them with the fundamental techniques for adoption of ISO 38500.

For 2011, Infonomics is responding to the increasing global demand for more, deeper and stratified learning about ISO 38500 that suits the diverse needs of specialists and generalists; business leaders and IT leaders; those who lead organisations and those who work at the front line.

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ACS Education Across the Nation (EdXN) Quarter 1, 2014

Briefings and Seminar Slides - Free Downloads

Infonomics Principal Mark Toomey is a well known and in-demand speaker for diverse events.  His explanations of Corporate Governance of Information Technology are topical, entertaining, and sometimes confronting.

From here you can access a selection of the briefings Mark has provided:

2010: Application of ISO 38500 to the Green IT Agenda - 30 Mb video and presentation runs for 50 minutes

2009 ACS Education across the Nation 60 minute Webcast - Introduction to ISO 38500

2009: More information on the ACS EdXN Briefing series.

Expitris Worldwide: 2 day class on governance of IT, Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2008 (November) ACS Victoria Branch Forum, November 2008  - "The Gershon Report and IT Governance"

2008 (August): itSMF Australia Conference - "Going up a Gear", in Canberra.