Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
Specialists in Corporate Governance of IT

Expert in ISO 38500 and related standards.
Corporate Governance of Information Technology is a Governance problem, not a Technology problem.

Weak governance of IT leads to investments that fail to deliver business results and operational breakdowns that damage business performance.

Contemporary businesses depend on IT and need strong governance to ensure that their use of IT sustains and enhances the organisation, with appropriate risk.

Infonomics helps organisations ensure that their current and future use of IT is effective, efficient and acceptable.

We do this by explaining, developing and improving governance of information technology and business change — the top level systems for controlling IT direction, investment and risk.

We help directors and senior officers understand their roles in governance of IT, communicate effectively on IT matters and appreciate their organisation's unique circumstances as they relate to the use of IT.

Infonomics is a specialist consulting organisation, based in Melbourne, Australia.  We work primarily in the field of Governance of IT, and related disciplines. 

Our founding Principal is actively involved in development of Australian and International Standards in the field of Corporate Governance of Information Technology.

As a result of this deep involvement, Infonomics has unparalleled and deep insight into the intent and application of the new International Standard for Corporate Governance of Information Technology - ISO/IEC 38500.

We help IT Leaders to build executive and board understanding of, support for and engagement with systems of governance for IT.


We help directors and senior officers to understand their roles in respect of IT, communicate effectively and appreciate their organisation's unique circumstances.


Infonomics provides unique insight and perspective that is specifically designed to assist those who have little detailed understanding of IT and bridge the gap to those who have intimate, detailed knowledge.


Infonomics services are designed to:

  • Inform organisations about Governance of IT;

  • Assess their performance in Governance of IT; and

  • Improve individual and organisation performance in Governance of IT.

Infonomics also offers expert capability in general consulting and information security.